Aaron + Meg | We have our family photos taken, too!

Maui, Hawaii
January 13, 2017

Did you know that Aaron and I hire professional photographers to take our photos?! It’s true!!!

To kick off 2016, Aaron and I took the boys to Maui! It was our 10th year of being married and time to celebrate! I knew while we were there that I wanted to have our family photos taken. What an experience to remember! Our good friend (and amazing photographer!!)  Jen Fox – who used to live in Hawaii and now lives just down the road – suggested we check out Wendy Laurel. I immediately fell in love with the colors, her style and contacted her right away! I knew that my kids were growing up faster than I could imagine, so now was the time! We woke up and I was having an amazing hair day – thank you salty air! At the time – Grant was the ripe old age of six and Declan was a saucy little three year old! Gone were the days of diapers, naps and bottles! These little boys could hang out all day at the beach playing in the sand, boogie boarding, and learning the time honored tradition of learning out to pee in the ocean! Haha!! I am so thankful for these cherished memories of a sweet window of time in our lives. We ordered up quite a few large prints for our house – so I am constantly reminded of our wonderful trip and to celebrate our family! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! I have them plastered all over my house :)

Photos by: Wendy Laurel   Thank you, Wendy! You are incredibly talented and we are so thankful for these images!!


This last photo is of our front living room …from my iPhone :) And I’m pretty sure the boys are fighting over how to play the remote controlled crashing car game. But this is our life – and I love it!

Good Morning America? Oh my!

Bellingham, WA
August 23, 2014

Many of you, if you’ve been married in Bellingham recently, probably know Rachel Andrews.  She is the owner of Bellingham Wedding and Event Rentals and a bright spot in the Bellingham business community (Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber Small Business of the Year).

We were chatting at an event she was hosting about how she wanted to renew her vows and get some great photos of her family.  She shared what she wanted and we were game!  We figured out when low tide was going be and made it happen.  We started with some nice portraits of the four of them (nice and clean, of course) and then we moved on to the mud flats for some fun.

Little did we know that when Rachel posted a favorite on Reddit, that it would come to internet life.  It quickly sprang to the top of Reddit and Imgur, where it was noticed and featured by Good Morning America, The Chive and The Huffington Post.  How fun?  The social media buzz is gone but it was cool to see Rachel’s vision not only come to pass but it ended up becoming viral as well.  Enjoy the images!!

Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_012 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_013 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_014 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_015 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_016 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_017 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_018 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_019 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_020 Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_021Rachel Andrews Family Photography | Evantide 2014_022