Kristina and Kyle | Fairhaven Wedding

Fairhaven, WA
February 23, 2016

Kristina and Kyle’s Fairhaven wedding was the ultimate in Bellingham and PNW style!!  They wanted it to be a fun day and comfortable nautical themed wedding and they really did a great job with that.  The couple, family and friends really came together and had a great time!! Enjoy the images… they’ll tell the story better than I can:-).

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The Dream Team –

Coordination, Catering and Flowers: Everafter Events

Venue: Bellingham Cruis Terminal

Hair and Makeup: Salon Tryst

Cake: Mad Batter

Officiant: Rick Todd

DJ: Whatcom Sound

Bride and Grooms Hotel: The Chrysalis

Photography: Evantide Photography

10 Photography Questions | Planning

Bellingham, WA
January 2, 2016

If you are newly or nearly engaged and reading this… Huge congrats to you!  We are so excited for you as you navigate not only planning the event that is a wedding, but also as you embark on a life together!  We are so thrilled that you found each other!

The following scenario was a common occurence for Meg and I as we started out –

Meg and I: Do you have any questions for us?

Bride and Groom: We’re not sure what we are suppose to be asking.

Meg and I have been meeting with potential brides and groom’s together for almost 10 years now, so we have become very comfortable with these conversations.  But we also want to keep perspective in these meetings and remember that the couples we meet are not necessarily familiar or comfortable with these consultations.  With this in mind we decided to create a video sharing 10 (plus a couple) photography questions that you might consider as you are in the process of finding the perfect photographer for you big day!!  Let us know if we are missing anything, or if you have any questions for us as you are planning your big day!

10 Questions play button

Here are the 10 photography questions we elaborated on in the video –

10. Is the photographer available?

9. How does the photographer describe their style?

8. How will the photographer interact with you and the guests on the wedding day?

7. What is your budget for photography?

6. Ask yourself –  How important is it to have a specific photographer?

5. Does the photographer do engagement photos? Are they included?

4. Does the photographer offer the products that you want to end up with after the wedding?

3. What does it take to book the photographer?

2. Do you love their photography?

1. Do you love the photographer?

Some other resources you might find helpful –

Interview with a wedding designer

Interview with hair and makeup artists

Interview with a cinematographer

Interview with a makeup artist

Interview with a stationary and invitation professional

Interview with a DJ/Emcee

Meg talks about choosing shoot locations

You can leave comments below letting us know what you think or if you have anymore questions for us!  Thanks for visiting and happy planning!!