Bellingham Birth Photography

Bellingham, WA
January 19, 2017

Labor and birth¬†photography is quite possibly one of my favorite things to photograph! It gets me in all the feels to capture a pregnancy and to witness (and capture!!) the birth! Karlyn and Kevin (who are amazing photographers, as well!!) welcomed their second child last week, and it was amazing! Another amazing thing to witness is the love and partnership these two have for each other! Aaron and I witness vows all.the.time! No – they never get old! They still make me tear up (have you met me?! C’mon!). Witnessing an intimate moment where¬†Karlyn relied on Kevin for encouragement/strength/hand to hold was hands down amazing! This family of four is going to be juuuuust fine with these two at the lead! Their newest little daughter is one lucky lady to have such amazing parents – and a big brother! Thanks K&K for having me!!!! Karlyn – you’re amazing!! Enjoy!