Aaron + Meg | We have our family photos taken, too!

Maui, Hawaii
January 13, 2017

Did you know that Aaron and I hire professional photographers to take our photos?! It’s true!!!

To kick off 2016, Aaron and I took the boys to Maui! It was our 10th year of being married and time to celebrate! I knew while we were there that I wanted to have our family photos taken. What an experience to remember! Our good friend (and amazing photographer!!)  Jen Fox – who used to live in Hawaii and now lives just down the road – suggested we check out Wendy Laurel. I immediately fell in love with the colors, her style and contacted her right away! I knew that my kids were growing up faster than I could imagine, so now was the time! We woke up and I was having an amazing hair day – thank you salty air! At the time – Grant was the ripe old age of six and Declan was a saucy little three year old! Gone were the days of diapers, naps and bottles! These little boys could hang out all day at the beach playing in the sand, boogie boarding, and learning the time honored tradition of learning out to pee in the ocean! Haha!! I am so thankful for these cherished memories of a sweet window of time in our lives. We ordered up quite a few large prints for our house – so I am constantly reminded of our wonderful trip and to celebrate our family! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! I have them plastered all over my house :)

Photos by: Wendy Laurel   Thank you, Wendy! You are incredibly talented and we are so thankful for these images!!


This last photo is of our front living room …from my iPhone :) And I’m pretty sure the boys are fighting over how to play the remote controlled crashing car game. But this is our life – and I love it!

15 Years of Weddings | Evantide 2016

PNW and beyond
January 1, 2017

15 years ago today.  It seems like forever, yet I remember it like it was yesterday.  I photographed my first wedding! It was, really, love at first sight for me.  I was assured, that there was no pressure, they just wanted some snapshots to document the day.  But if you know me, at all, pressure was on:-).  It’s not easy for a perfectionist to do something for the first time! And that was me. In the midst, however, I feel like we knocked it out of the park.

And now to think back on the hundreds of weddings I have photographed over the last 15 years (and 10 years with Meg).  It has been such an honor and treat to be a long for the ride with so many fantastic people.  Our couples have been so rad!

A quick snapshot from the last 15 years has taken us to many amazing and interesting places.  Beautiful hotels, homes, a beach in Ireland, a courthouse in central Mexico, many farms in Whatcom County, churches all over the PNW, a small neighborhood church in Costa Rica, a mountain top in the high Sierra’s, a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, a beach on Maui, winery’s on the eastside of Seattle and the east side of the mountains, Seattle weddings and Bellingham weddings.  The locations, details and attire were stunning and people invested so much in these beautiful occasions!! In the midst of all the beauty and fanfare, if I’m honest, there was something more!

15 years of friendships with you beautiful people, your friends & family.  That is what sticks with us!  If you have hired us to photograph your wedding.  You know! We’re here now:-).

So a message to all of our amazing couples, families and friends!

THANK YOU!!  We couldn’t have done it without you! You are all a blessing and literally God’s provision for us.  We are not capable of just mailing it in for any of our couples.  We have to give everything we have, because we know and appreciate your investment in us as people and a business.

You guys are the best and we can’t wait to see what is in store in the coming years!!

So, let’s raise a glass! Here is a toast to you all, who have supported us over these last 15 years and to an amazing 2017!

Here are some fun highlights from 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!!