Sara and Tim | Winter Suncadia Wedding | Evantide Photography

Suncadia, WA
January 20, 2017

It all started at Bob’s! I remember hearing Sara and Tim share their story over beer and ciders as they bounced back and forth telling us how they met, and laughing so hard that it was in the most normal spot and yet so wonderful!! He saw her through the window and had to meet her. End of story! Fast forward to their winter Suncadia wedding – between rain and a snowy morning after – Sara and Tim invited their families and closest friends to celebrate their vows. It was the perfect blend of destination and intimate PNW! Guests were able to mentally check out of their busy lives and enter into mountain time – to relax and enjoy the greenery!

Thank you Sara and Tim – we were absolutely honored to capture your wedding!!


Venue: Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, WA           Hair: Talerico’s Hair Design: (509) 674-5238          Makeup: Revive Makeup Artistry by Pattie Gomes

Dress: Belle Bridal          Catering: Suncadia          Greenery/Centerpieces: Sara and Tim’s own back yard!!          Custom Jewelry: R.C. & Company LTD

Flowers + Bullet Shell Boutonniere: The Backyard Gardener          Music and Lighting: GMB Entertainment

Photography: Evantide Photography 

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Bellingham Photography Conference | PhotoLUSH 2015

Bellingham, WA
March 11, 2015

I can’t believe year three of PhotoLUSH is in the books!  PhotoLUSH is a photography conference for all of the talented photographers we have in Bellingham and the region.  The conference was born out of a trip Clint and I took to Vegas several years ago for a big national conference (WPPI has 10-15,000 photographers gathered together).  On our way back to the PNW we started thinking about the talent and potential of a fantastic event that could be held right here in Bellingham.  Pretty sure it started on an airline napkin.  It’s an absolute blast and a whole lot of humbling to be able to be a part of curating, teaching, inspiring and bringing the community together.  As the old saying goes, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ (a saying Kennedy made famous).  It really is an awesome sight, seeing a bunch of competitors come together to encourage, inspire and teach each other! That can’t be normal.  I can’t imagine Coke and Pepsi hanging out together, sharing best practices!  I thought I’d share a few images that Meg and I captured through the event to give you a look inside the event.

PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_001 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_002 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_003 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_004 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_005 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_006 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_007 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_008 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_009 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_010 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_011 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_012 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_013 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_014 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_015 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_016 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_017 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_018 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_019 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_020 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_021 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_022 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_023 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_024 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_025 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_026 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_027 PhotoLUSH 2015 | evantide 2015_028

There is a lot of thanks to be handed out in making this event come together!!  Here is a list of some of the amazing vendors that helped make PhotoLUSH an amazing reality!  We trusted all of them for a reason and strongly encourage you to check them out if you are need of their services!!

Venue – Broadway Hall – This was a classic and beautiful setting to help shape the event.

Friday night fun – Ever After Events – Zeina was so gracious in provided fantastic food and beverages for the VIP party!

PhotoBooth – Oh Snap! Photobooth – Helped us be entertained on Friday, so fun!!

Print Salon Help – Mellis Photography – Morgan swooped in and not only did last minute prints for many but he also delivered them right to us.

Sound Equipment – GMB – Gary is a local event DJ who trusted us with his high end sound system and everyone was able to hear the teachers:-).

Hair and Makeup – Tart Beauty – The Tart’s were so generous in beautifying the models for Saturday’s shoots.

Florist  – Botanikal – Colleen help create beautiful floral looks for the photoshoots

Wedding Dress and Tux – Belle Bridal – Thanks to Nicole for sharing the beautiful dress and tux!!

SEO Teacher – EthoSEO – To quote my friend Thom, “I felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant”, during his presentation.

Photography Studio – Positive Negative – Jason was nice enough to let us take over his studio for Rachel’s fashion shoot.

Catering – Market Street Catering – I don’t think I’ve ever left an event catered by Market Street, hungry or dissatisfied.

Clean up – Tied Bow Events – You heard that right! They will come to your event and clean up for you… Family doesn’t need to do it:-).

Teachers – Tiffany, Damien, Damian, Joe and Patience, Naro, Stephanie, Clint, Rachel, Michelle, Jonathan

Sponsors – Thanks to these great companies for offering some great discounts, swag and their fantastic wares!

WHCC, Alien Skin, Michelle Newell, Photographers Edit, the FIND Lab, Applied Digital Imaging, Think Tank, Photographer Within, Strawberry Revolution, Sew Trendy, Pro DPI, Darling Baby 

I can’t wait to start planning PhotoLUSH 2016!!  The Bellingham Photography Conference for the ages!