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Bellingham, WA

It’s a mouthful and a lot of ‘business’ talk! I seriously love this model of marketing and I can’t get enough of encouraging my clients to do this.  Here’s some context.  WECU reached out to me to do a photo campaign.  They want reach out to the business community and let them know about their ‘merchant services’.  They wanted me to capture their clients in their element as community staples.  It was awesome and I believe it will have lasting and positive impacts on all involved! I think businesses promoting businesses is where it’s at.  A different and new way to tell your companies story!

The businesses that WECU featured in this shoot were Fairhaven Bicycles, Gruff Brewing, Muddy Waters, Cosmos Bistro and Pacific Rim Outpatient Surgery.

I took a few minutes to take a headshot of the owners of four of the businesses.

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