The Renfros | Oak Harbor Newborn Session

Oak Harbor, WA
December 7, 2016

Naomi Grace is here – and she’s amazing!! This little lady has two of the coolest parents we know! Not to mention aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, friends-that-are-so-close-they-are-by-law-family, and a big furry sister, Ruby! She made the teeniest, tiniest peep while we were there – and then she was back to sleep!! What a great baby!!!! We love traveling down Whidbey Island for an Oak Harbor newborn session! A few jets cruised by after we had made it over Deception Pass Bridge. That bridge terrifies me every.single.time!! Other family members of Jessica and Chris’ are able to travel via ferry boat to visit this new little angel!

All that to say – enjoy these sweet images of little Naomi Grace!! Congratulations to Jessica and Chris! What an amazing road ahead of you with your little one and the most amazing tribe to support you! #teamRenfro

bellingham-newborn-evantide_001a bellingham-newborn-evantide_001b bellingham-newborn-evantide_002 bellingham-newborn-evantide_003 bellingham-newborn-evantide_004 bellingham-newborn-evantide_005 bellingham-newborn-evantide_006 bellingham-newborn-evantide_007 bellingham-newborn-evantide_008 bellingham-newborn-evantide_009 bellingham-newborn-evantide_010 bellingham-newborn-evantide_011 bellingham-newborn-evantide_012 bellingham-newborn-evantide_013

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Jake’s Graduating! | Bellingham Senior Photography

Bellingham, WA
September 8, 2016

We love capturing senior photos.  It’s such a unique and crazy time for the graduating students.  The challenge is to really enjoy the last year of your youth and look forward to what is ahead, at the same time.  In chatting with Jake during his senior session, I definitely feel like he has found that balance.  While he is looking forward the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead, it seems he’ll be a kid at heart, forever!  Great qualities, if I do say so myself!  Well Jake, get through this year, have a blast and finish strong. You got this!!

bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_001 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_002 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_003 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_004 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_005 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_006 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_007 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_008 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_009 bellingham-squalicum-senior-photos-evantide-photography_010

Bellingham senior photography is one of the highlights of our fall season.  So, whether you are at Bellingham, Squalicum, Sehome or one of the other Whatcom County schools… Let’s connect and get your photos taken care of for you!!